2022 Honda Civic wins Best Small Car

February 9th, 2022 by

The 2022 Honda Civic is on a winning streak.

With more accolades and awards coming in, the Canadian-built Honda Civic just can’t be beaten! To start off the new year, the Civic was awarded North American Car of the Year and it doesn’t end there. We take pride in the success of our company, but especially in the fact that the Honda Civic is Canadian-built and driven! The Civic had also been awarded best-selling car in Canada for the 24th straight year in a row, and now we are thrilled to announce that the 2022 Honda Civic has been named Best Small Car – Canadian Car by the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada.

2022 Honda Civic

2022 Honda Civic wins best small car at Canadian Car of the Year Awards

“We continue to be humbled and excited at the attention and accolades the 2022 Honda Civic is receiving and we want to thank all of our associates at Honda of Canada Mfg. for helping to make this award a reality,” said Steve Hui, Assistant Vice President of Honda Canada. “This is a vehicle that has deep roots in Canada, as it is built locally and has been incredibly popular since its inception. We could not be prouder of this latest Civic achievement.”

The Honda Civic is Honda’s Largest-running automotive nameplate with over 2 million sold in Canada since 1973. Most Civic trims and every CR-V are the only Honda models produced in Canada, only the Civic hatchbacks are produced across the border. The Civic offers strong resale values, extraordinary safety measures, and near bulletproof reliability in a roomy sedan or hatchback competitively priced against most rivals.

Picture of Civic Hatchback turning the corner

New 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback

The Honda Civic Hatchback includes a bold new look, available moonroof, high-resolution navigation screen, comes equipped with an Earth Dreams 4-cylinder engine with multiple options, a 6-speed manual transmission as well as multiple drive modes. Driving is so much more fun in the hatchback.

In 2022, the trend of driving a manual vehicle is dying and Honda wanted to react. For the first time ever, Canada’s best-selling sedan would not be available with a stick shift. Honda knew how important the driving manual was to its customers, but they did not want to make any rash decisions towards mass production. This forced Honda to do its research to determine that their performance vehicles need a manual transmission to keep their customers happy. Honda flipped the trend with a Civic Hatchback available with three pedals and a new Civic Si sedan that only comes as a manual.

Alone in 2021, over 43,000 units of the 11th generation Civic were sold which allowed the Honda Civic to retain its title as Canada’s Best-Selling Car for 24 consecutive years. Something Honda takes pride in when manufacturing their vehicles, finding better ways to recycle and dispose of water produced by Honda’s products. Now, Honda vehicles have maintained 90% design recyclability since 2004, and are speeding towards a carbon-free society with their new goal for 2030 to have electrified vehicles make up two-thirds of our sales worldwide and be an automotive leader in solutions around car pollution.

The 2022 Honda Civic comes in many different models, and what differentiates them from one another includes different style trim, additional parts/performance packages, convenience accessories, cosmetic accessories, and much more. For example, the starting build for the Civic LX has a 160-watt audio system with 4 speakers and 16-inch wheels with full covers, whereas the starting build for the Civic Touring gets an upgrade with Bose Premium Sound System with 12 Speakers, including Subwoofer and 18-inch Alloys with Gloss Shark Gray Inserts.

For those who look for a stronger performance vehicle, the Civic Type R Limited Edition is something these individuals would benefit from with the mega straight-line speed it holds. This American-built Civic with 306 Hp the Honda Civic Type R LE was put to the test against the Mini and the previous Type R, beating both vehicles by 3.1 and 3.2 seconds at the Lightning track.

The Civic Type R Limited Edition has the strongest engine among all 2022 Civic trims, with The Civic LX and Civic Sport’s engine having 158 HP at 6500 RPM, whereas the Civic Ex and Civic Touring’s engine holds 180 HP at 6000 RPM.

We want to see our community behind the best vehicle in Canada. Book your test drive in our all-new 2022 Honda Civic.

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