Basic Wheels ( as-is )

Introducing…..London Honda's BASIC WHEELS

BASIC WHEELS  =  a vehicle exactly as it was traded

  • No Safety
  • No Clean-up
  • No Financing
  • No Warranty
  • No Frills at all
  • Available for a short time only – 20 days max

Just the lowest possible price on your next daily driver or second vehicle

BASIC WHEELS = a no-frills vehicle at a basic price

Why Basic Wheels?

There are times when only a basic vehicle is required

  • a “kid’s car”
  • a second car
  • a college car
  • a winter driver
  • short term transportation

After receiving countless requests from people looking for good basic transportation, we have created the London Honda Basic Wheels program.

They will only be available for sale for a very short time, are one-of-a-kind and priced very aggressively.

Are you looking for a good set of Basic Wheels?