Remote Starters

Tired of Getting into a Cold Car?

Remote Starter Specials

Now only $599 + tax installed!

Automatic Transmissions Only

1.8L Civic 2012 LX-EXL
1.8L Odyssey 2011-2013 EX-TOURING
1.8L Odyssey 2014-2017 EX-TOURING
1.8L Civic 2013-2015 LX-TOURING
2.0L Pilot; 2009-2013 EX-TOURING
1.8L Pilot 2014-2015 SE-EXL-TOURING
1.8L Accord Sedan 2013+ LX-TOURING
1.8L CR-V 2012-2014 EX-TOURING
1.8L CR-V 2015-2016 SE-TOURING
2.0L Fit 2009-2014 LX-SPORT

Call or email Carlos or Simon in the Accessories Department to confirm the availability for your Honda.